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Somnath Temple

Somnath Temple

somnath temple
Somnath Temple is one of the ancient and twelve Jyotirlinga shrines of lord Shiva. It is located near Veraval in Saurashtra, Gujarat, India. It is being destroyed six times by the Muslim conquerors as it is known as “shrine of eternal”.

As per puranas, Somnath temple existed before the beginning of the Common Era. In order to cure himself Soma or the god of moon, who is being cursed by Daksha for neglecting his other wife’s and loved only one of his daughter, build the temple in gold and later got relief partly from the curse with the blessing of lord Shiva. In later period Ravana build in silver and Lord Krishna in wood.
Somnath temple is known for its architecture as it is located in such a place where you will not find any land in straight between somnath seashore to South Pole - Antarctica. Also you will find Chalukya style of architecture and reflect sculptures skills.

You may think of taking photography of rich culture but unfortunately it is prohibited.


Bakhla Tirth – Lord Krishna got injured with the arrow by an accident of Bhil tribal
Triveni Tirth – Place where you find three holy rivers get combined. Here rivers Hiran, Kapil and saraswati get united.
You also have surya mandir, ahilya mandir and veraval beach with is about 4 kms away.


If you are getting by train then the nearest rail station is Veraval.
If you want to reach by road then its 85km from Junagarh, 7kms from Veraval.
 If you are reaching through air then nearest airport is at Keshod which is 55 kms away and linked through mumbai

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