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Shree Ganesh Temple Ganpatipule - Swayambhu Ganesh Ratnagiri

Shree Ganesh Temple Ganapatipule is in Ratanagiri district; Konkan. This temple is 350 kms from Mumbai, it is one of the ancient temples and is said to be from the period of Peshwas (4000 year old). From ancient literature like Mudgal puran, this temple is referred as Paschim Dwar- Devata (Western Sentinal God). Ganapatipule means the Lord of "Ganas"(army) and Pule (sand dune) in short lord Ganapati. 

Shree Ganesh Ganpatipule Story:

During the period of Moghul, there lived a Brahmin named Balbhatji Bhide, once he suffered from personal problems and made his mind to give up food and water until he overcomes from his problems. He stayed in Kevda forest to worship lord Ganesh. Once in the vision of Bhide, lord appeared and said
“I have come to Aagargule to fulfil wishes of my devotees find me and worship, you will be relieved from all your difficulties”

Meanwhile one of the Bhide’s cows found not giving milk, when cowherd observed cow’s moves he was surprised to see that the milk from udder was directly falling on the idol of swayambhu (self-manifest) stone image of Lord Ganesh. When Bhide got to know this incident he came there and built small shrine and started performing regular rituals.

Miracles of Shree Ganesh in Ganpatipule:

Once in a year the surf around the shore tries to come up until the temple as if it wants to touch the feet of the lord.

The temple is built in such a way that light rays coming from Sun directly touch the idol of the lord Ganesh in the months of February and November.

Devotees believe that if we whisper in the ears of the Mushika build with brass (Mouse – lord’s transport medium) will be reached to lord.

Devotees believe that the base of the hill is in the shape of lord Ganesh so devotees believe circumambulation of entire hill will fulfil their wishes.


Road: It is 45 kms if you reach temple via Ratnagiri - Hatkhamba - Niwali – Ganpatipule and is 30 kms if you reach via Ratnagiri - Kotawade – Ganpatipule

Rail: If you reach via Konkan Railway, Bhoke is 35. kms and Ratnagiri is 45 kms.

Air: Nearest airport is Belgaum, 299 kms.

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